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Mental Health Medications: Be Aware!

A little known fact to many of us taking mental health medications is that they can drastically alter what we think especially when first prescribed or with a change in dose, higher or lower.  Psychotropic drugs, those used to treat mental illnesses, can cause suicidal thoughts, irritability, increased anxiety and agitation, even violent tendencies. Anyone taking medication for anxiety, depression, bipolar disease, schizophrenia or other mental health diseases should be keenly aware of these mind altering side effects.  Swings in moods and thoughts can cycle rapidly and may be enhanced by use of alcohol. 

So … be very careful and fully aware of your mental state when first adopting medications and when changing doses.  Keep on a regular schedule with your meds.  Don’t stop taking your meds if additional symptoms occur but, call your doctor immediately.  Remember, pay attention to your moods.  You may be the only safety net between life and death.