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Living With Grief

Prevent Teen Suicide

Living with grief is difficult everyday … no matter how long it has been since the death of a son or daughter. We do NOT get “over” it. We live WITH it. Grief becomes a part of us … yet it does not have to destroy us. At some point in the grieving process we have a choice to make. We can choose joy or we can choose sadness. The power to choose joy is ours.

The choice doesn’t come easy. In order for us to progress toward joyful living we have to acknowledge our pain, live with it, and process it even when it is dark and debilitating. Standing face-to-face with grief is the only way to allow it to become a part of our internal fabric of being. There is no other way. We must step into the fear of pain and darkness. Once we do, light will begin to shine again… but it takes time.