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Grief can be expressed in art

Grief: Wings of Hope on a Bleeding Heart

Grief: Wings of Hope on a Bleeding Heart

Photo Copyright 2009 Patti Tillotson

Survivors of Suicide

Survivors of suicide are the strongest people I know because they have experienced the worst kind of tragedy possible.  We are strong yet fragile.  We plow through pain every minute of every day like demolition teams.  It takes a lot (if not all) of our energy to maintain a positive outlook on life and to maintain the support and caring relationships of friends and family. 

We never stop asking a million questions.  Why me? Why my loved one?  What could I have done?  What did I miss?  Why didn’t he/she ask me for help?  All of these questions are a never ending carousel of motion in our minds.  Sure, the questions come and go with intermittency intervals that are sometimes long and sometimes short.  But the carousel is always there.

Survivors of suicide are compassionate and loving people.  We have forged the worst life has to offer and have a great desire to prevent others from experiencing this devastation and shattering of hearts.  We listen carefully to people and their problems.  We are accepting of people as they are whether they are blue, brown, beautiful, talkative, shy, smart, simple, short or tall.   We love them all!

We experience life in more fullness and clarity than others.  We live in the present moment more often, see more intense red on roses or fractional shades of blue in the sky.  Life is precious to us.  I saw a bumblebee taking an afternoon nap once and thought this was the most precious gift God could have given me that day.  We pay attention to a single leaf floating to the ground from above.  We see the glimmer of light poka dotting a sandy beach.  We live each day to its fullest.

We are handicapped but not crippled.  We love, we laugh, we hope, we cry, we cry and then we cry some more ……. but life is still good.